At Community of Caring we are committed to putting God’s love into action because we know that LOVE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.

I became homeless after I was laid off and my girlfriend at the time found out and threw me out with only the clothes on my back. After staying at the Mission, I was able find a job. With a bit of money in my pocket I went to Community of Caring, after hearing about their generosity and hospitality. It was there I met some very nice people. With their help I was finally able to find a apartment and have a place to call my own. I could have never have done this without the kind and caring people at Community of Caring

Justin Powell

Have been on disability for 15 years. Went through a divorce. Had to get a job, was reinjured. I lost my car and my house. I was staying at Erie City Mission for two months, before I ended up at COC. which I have been here for about two and a half months so far. I have a new place to live and made some new friends at COC

Nathan Harback

Started working for COC in May of 2007. I was filled with hatred and anger from my loss of my beloved wife Jeanette and my father’s abusive nature. But COC staff has shown me that with Gods love can change the world. By simple acts of caring and kindness I was shown a better path of love, caring, and kindness. Which I still to this day try to bestow on others I come across on a daily basic. So, I say share the love god has given you and pass it around. GOD BLESSED US ALL.


P.S Thank You Mother Mary Beth Kennedy the most for if it wasn’t for your kind and loving heart I wouldn’t be the man I am today.

Albert Russell
Property Supervisor