International Operations

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If you’ve ever spent any time with Mother Kennedy she probably had you sing, “Love Can Change the World” with her. We believe EVERYONE not only can, but IS, changing the world. Every action you do, every choice you make, makes the world better or worse.

There are 20 local branches of Community of Caring in 9 countries in Africa and the Caribbean. Each branch is indigenously run and programs vary according to the need in the local community. Activities of international COC chapters include feeding centers, schools, clinics and a hospital, orphanages, farms, and job training centers. These chapters receive financial and material support from the Erie office, as well as training and access to other resources.

COC also sponsors an annual Mission of Mercy, a short-term mission trip to Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Other COC representatives travel to African locations to check on operations and offer support and training.

For the past three years COC has sponsored an International Mission Conference. This conference brings together experienced and novice missionaries, as well as people who are interested in learning more. People come from all over the country and a few from overseas. This is sponsored by the Global Missions Training Institute, an affiliate of COC founded by COC founder, Mary Beth Kennedy.

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