Our Services

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Thanks to dedicated staff and volunteers we have helped thousands of people throughout the years. We don’t just provide basic physical necessities; we also feed the heart and spirit. People need love, acceptance, and a feeling that they can make a difference. COC provides a healing, nurturing community which makes this possible.

Services are given based on need and without regard to race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

Community of Caring is committed to accountability and good stewardship of resources. Your donation will be used in the way you designate, and will go to help the people who need it, not to administrative overhead or publicity. An audit is done each year by an independent CPA. The agency’s fiscal year runs from July 1 – through June 30. The audit may be viewed at the main office on request.


We do what we do because of a profound appreciation of God’s love for us. We believe we are called as Christians to share God’s love with others

Even though we are a Christian organization everyone is welcome in our community. Employment and services are available regardless of ethnicity, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation.


COC has 13 paid staff and a core group of faithful volunteers who run programs at the food pantry and Dayenu House. Our community also includes the board of directors and many more donors and supporters.

Anyone can be a member of the Community of Caring. Just make a commitment to do an act of kindness every day.

Our shelter residents aren’t just clients. We feel that while they are here this is their home. WE strive to provide a loving and supportive environment to help rebuild shattered lives. Our goal is to be a transformative force in this neighborhood and beyond, building a climate of love and tolerance rather than fear and hate.

Emergency Shelter

COC provides emergency and transitional shelter to homeless individuals (single adults). Unfortunately we do not have facilities for families and children.

Residents receive a safe bed with bedding, bathroom and laundry facilities. They also receive 3 meals and a snack daily. We provide links to other services which will help them reach their goals (These goals are usually permanent housing and a stable income.)

Residents must follow simple standards of behavior and are expected to participate in the life of the community by doing chores. If they have income, they are expected to contribute $110/month in shared expense. People with food stamps share a portion of their monthly allocation to help defray the cost of meals and coffee. If someone does not have income we don’t kick them out! We help them try to move forward.

Hot Meals

A hot meal is served at noon each to the community at large. The only requirement to receive a meal is that you be hungry! If you ever have some free time during the day, feel free to come for a free lunch.

Finally Home Shelter + Care

This program provides permanent subsidized housing and support services to up to 10 chronically homeless disabled persons.

Participants must meet specific eligibility guidelines to qualify for this program, and are usually referred by someone in Homeless Case Management. For more information or to apply call John Yungwirth or Glinda Atkinson, program coordinator, at 814-456-6661.

Food Pantry

The COC Food Pantry distributes food 3 times a week. On Tuesday we offer the area’s only pantry specifically for diabetics.

Food is distributed on Wednesday to the first half of the alphabet from A to L, on Friday to the other half from M to Z.

To receive services people must meet income guidelines and live within our service area as determined by Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest Pennsylvania.

Dayenu House
Intergenerational Family Support Center

Dayenu” (Dye-yay-noo) is a Hebrew word meaning “enough”. It’s an expression of gratitude. It’s a way of appreciating all that God has done for us.

This community center on the corner of 21st and German is located near the geographical center of the city of Erie. It serves as a location for meals, activities, and events.

Every Sunday a Sunday Family Dinner is served free of charge to anyone who comes. Dinner starts at 3 p.m. and includes some scripture, praise and meditations.

In the summer Dayenu House is the location for the Summer Launch Program, which provides food to children and job training to teens.

Why We Do What We Do.

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