Frequent Asked Questions

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How to get Community of Caring services 

How is Community of Caring funded?

Erie County Department of Human Resources

How do I get in the shelter?

A bed needs to be available, need to pass a urine test

What are your hours?

We are open from 7am until 11pm everyday but we are staffed 24/7

What other services do you provide?

We provide 3 meals a day and a safe place to sleep. Also, we have private room to meet with your case manager from Case Management

What are the rules if I stay there?

Be respectful to all staff and residents

no fighting

no swearing

no aggressive behavior

no smoking in building

No drugs are allowed

No drinking is allowed

No fraternizing is allowed

No sexual innuendos

Your only allowed to bring in 2 bags of belongings

All meds are to be turned into staff on admittance

Any breaking of these are any others will be grounds for discharge

Is there a curfew?

Yes, it is 11pm every night unless a pass has been approved be an administrator

What is the time limit for a shelter stay?

All depends on if you are working on your goals you have setup on your admittance

What meals are provided?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Do I have to pay to stay there?

Only if you have an income. first 2 weeks are free. It is $110 a month

How do I get food from the food pantry?

Our pantry is not at the shelter but there are some in our shelter. but you only need to get food if you stay in one of our n

Transitional houses but you must start out in our main shelter. Transitional houses are on a seniority list.

Who can stay there?

Male or female. we don’t take couples or kids are allowed

Single males and females only